Past Summer Courses

Summer Course 2023

From June 12th to June 14th, 2023, the second edition of the Summer Course took place at Uni Tobler (University of Bern), organized by the Doctoral Program in Brain and Behavioral Sciences. A total of 11 doctoral students from various Swiss universities attended. The central theme of this year's event revolved around "Ambulatory Assessment: Real-Time Monitoring of Physiological and Behavioral Measures." We were honored to have two distinguished experts, Prof. Dr. Bruno Laeng from the University of Oslo, Norway, and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ebner-Priemer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, as our invited speakers. These experts delivered keynote speeches, conducted workshops, provided valuable feedback on students' presentations (posters and papers), and collectively enhanced the overall learning experience for our doctoral candidates.





Summer Course 2022

From the 13th to 16th of June 2022 the Summer Course was held for the first time at the Uni Tobler (University of Bern) by the Doctoral Program Brain and Behavioral Sciences. A total of 13 PhD students from different universities in Switzerland participated. This year`s topic was “Working Memory: Contemporary Perspectives" and the invited experts were Priti Shah (University of Michigan, USA), Randall Engle (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) and Chris Jarrold (University of Bristol, UK). The experts contributed with keynote talks, were leading workshops, gave feedback to students` presentations (poster, paper) and contributed to a unique experience for the PhD students!



Foto Summer Course 2022